Sourdough Baking

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please can you help me find a recipe for

Hi, a few weeks ago I saw a recipe for a type of bun with a meat filling, I've searched for it again but can't find it. Does...


Wet dough issur; bread flattening out

Hey guys, I have a small problem with my sourdough breads. I use a standard wheat starter, and try to work out from the method...

ugly bulge

Too much oven spring

Hi, I've been making sourdough for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. One problem that I cant seem to overcome is my...


Which recipe is your STARTER for ?

For the past fortnight I've followed all the steps for making a starter from scratch - now what do I do ?! I know it sounds a...


To all who helped me get this far.

Thanks again to all that helped. Chel x

Sourdough in China

We are baking sourdough bread in China using natural yeast from my mother in law village, this is some mountains fungus. I try...

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Why is my bread so flat?

I have been usung the same starter for about 6 months but the las few months the loaves have gotten flatter. I am using the 1-2-3...


Sourdough or Ciabatta?

Hi, A question from NZ. A new bakery has just opened nearby and has bread they call sourdough. It’s not as sour as I remember...


Companion Bakery in Delicious Produce Awards

Wow, just saw that the Country Batard and Cynthia's Secret Bounty are finalists in the Artisan Award Section! http://www.taste...

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Long bulk prove question

I've just mixed some dough and now have to go away for two days so I wont be able to bake it till then. I plan on putting it into...