Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>

Proving problems

I've been baking sourdough bread successfully for three years. For the last three weeks, however, I've been having a lot of...


Newbie to Bread Baking

Hi, My daughter passed away in Nov. To help me get through this difficult time, I decided to learn how to bake bread. I love...

Fresh rosemary with Roasted Garlic

Hi, I am a newbie, started baking in Nov for grieving therapy after my daughter passed away. The process has been rewarding and...

Beautiful big hole loaf from Pane Francese 1 flavorless & gummy

During the Big Snow in Portland Oregon I stayed home and decided to make a loaf or two... Using the Pane Francese with a few...

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Bread Calculator

Hey there, first post! I made a little bread calculator that uses bakers percentages to scale a recipe up/down, calculate final...

sourdough newbie

hello, i'm laura and i am brand new to the world of sourdough! i just started my starter right after christmas. pictured is my...


Sourdough Help? Irregular holes/crumb

Hi, I have been using this recipe below for about a year with great luck.


Hi, I'm new here

Hi everyone. I'm new here and just wanted to say hi. My name is Kitty. I started my starter seven years ago but have really only...

2nd Sourdough Loaf Over Proofed??

New to baking sourdough & this is my 2nd loaf - over proofed I think ?! Maybe 3rd time lucky with my next loaf!


Breaking Many Rules!

I think I am one of the luckiest bakers, but I'm concerned sometimes that my tendency to improvise may cause me to miss some...

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