Sourdough Baking

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sticky dough

For some reason ... my bread dough is sticky .. after it's rise ... so when i bake it is does not rise properly ... should i put...

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Question about crumb

Hello everyone, I hope you can answer this question. I recently made a loaf of sourdough bread. The flour was white, in leached,...


Testing Flour for Water Take-Up

Shao Ping alluded to a way to test a flour for how much water is needed to achieve a good dough consistency. The lovely part is I...


Microbial Terroir

I have noticed a lot of publicity recently given over to Dave Chang of Monofuko & Lucky Peach fame & his espousal of...

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Introducing myself and presenting a safe way to make a sourdough starter – guaranteed no D.O.!

Hi, I'm much impressed with the seriousness of this forum, and the keen interest in coming to grips with this elusive phenomenon...


Help needed

I have a no kneadking receipe using a Dutch oven that has great oven spring. However when i am changing my method with an...

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Why make high hydration dough?

It seems that most artisan bakers these days aim to create a very slack dough, often using stretch and fold techniques instead of...

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One problem handled - another arises

Greetings all you wonderful people. A couple of weeks ago I sought help here with an issue of mine; my wet dough collapsed upon...


New and need help.

I am new to sourdough. I have been playing with it for about 8 months now and have maybe 150 loaves under my belt. I have two...


please can you help me find a recipe for

Hi, a few weeks ago I saw a recipe for a type of bun with a meat filling, I've searched for it again but can't find it. Does...