Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>

Is there genuine sourdough in Canberra?

Merriden & friends would like to find a supplier of genuine sourdough in Canberra. Does any one have any suggestions or a...


Baking Multiple Loaves at Once

Hi all, I am looking to upscale my home baking a bit. No enough to warrant (or afford) a dedicated micro-bakery oven like a Rofco...

San Francisco SourDough???

I have bought some S.F. sourdough starter online. I follow the dirrections and everythings seems to work fine, until I place it...



Ive been trying to make bread from salt, water, yeast (ken forkish) with sourdough and have failed like 4 times. My issue is that...


dough wet, sticky and slumps... Help?

Hi all, I'm very new to sourdough baking here- this is my second batch, but I seem to be having some problems. Please bear with...

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A Walk on the Wet Side

I would have to say that, of recent times, I have become a bit set in my ways. Standard recipe, standard technique, standard...


Is this the result of underproving?

I've been having this bottom blow out problem for the last several loaves. This is a sourdough recipe. The actual loaf is airy,...


Help with week old starter.

Hey everyone I am new in the sourdough world and my husband and I are excited to jump in. I started a sourdough starter and it's...

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My dough is ... strange

Hi all, I'm making sourdough bread for a couple of years now. Since a few weeks I've got this strange problem with my dough. It's...

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Today's Bake

Today's bake Rye Sourdough using a clay cloche.