sifter, which sifter is effective to use when milling your own flour?


 Can anyone help me understand which sifter is most effective in seperating bran from flour? 

I have bought a new flour mill and want to make fine white flour.  I need a sifter to seperate the bran and was wondering why there is such a price difference between a bakers professional sifter, german made at $65 and a hand cranked sifter at $14? 

Any information is much appreciated.




 I use a Jobe Gold Classifier to sift my milled flour.  It sit on top of a 5 gallon plastic bucket and it very fast.  I just rock the bucket back and forth and the flour gets sifted.  I use a #20 and it takes out most of the large particles.  There is still a little rough feeling to the flour.  I have been tempted to by a #30 and make a finer flour.  The classifiers are made to stack on top of each other.

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 I guess it's because the professional piece of kit is built for constant use whereas the cheaper is for occasional amateur use.