Scaling up my sourdough starter advice please


I am pleased with my sourdough results so far, let me run through what I do before I ask my question so you can see how I will be arriving at my scaling up point.

We keep it in the fridge in a plastic box until we need it ( just a few spoonfuls in the bottom of the box).

 1) When I want to get some bread made I will take the starter out of the fridge and roughly double its volume with equal parts water/flour.

2) The following day when its nicely active I add 500 grms flour and 500 grms water and leave again to ferment.

3) Next day when its active again I make two scrummy loaves from the recipe I have settled on which uses 200 grms of the starter per loaf. This leaves my a little too much to save so I throw a little bit away and end up with a few spoonfuls in the fridge again until I want to bake more. The bread is lovely and the system works for us pretty well.

So I would now like to scale this up so I can make eight loaves at once. Can I just go ahead and add two kilos each of flour and water to the small amount that I have activated in stage 1 or is that asking too much of such a small amount of starter?




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farinam 2013 June 21

Hello Regenerous,

I don't think it would be a problem.  This is basically what they do in bakeries - the scrapings in the bucket from one day kicks off the starter for the next days bake.

Otherwise, why not keep more and not throw so much away if you are worried.  Why throw any away for that matter?

Good luck with your projects.


Regenerous 2013 June 21

Thanks Farinam, I have just added my 500 gms each flour/water and I will be making up a dough tonight so I will get some photos posted over the weekend with my results. Fingers crossed!


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