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Rofco oven | Sourdough Companion

Rofco oven


Has anyone purchased a Rofco oven? (made in Belguim)

I am considering one but would like to get some feedback from anyone who has used one.




I'm  currently having trouble with our home oven not reaching temperature - worked fine for 10 years, but now only reaches about 220*C. Element replaced but no improvement, so the Rofco might be an option. 

I haven't found a supplier in AU (I'm in Melbourne) - do you have any contacts? Or suggestions?



I am interested in purchasing a Rofco oven (B40) and was wondering if anyone else would be interested in purchasing one?

It will be cheaper in customs and transport if I can get ten people together to make a bulk order shipment.

Please let me know if you are interested, I am in Sydney.