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on the right track 2 | Sourdough Companion

on the right track 2

 this is the second loaf from my new starter (7 days old).  this loaf didn't have nearly as much tang as the first, which was very sour.  this has a pleasant tang that melds in with the bread flavor nicely.  not overpowering in the least. I like the crust, it was singing again, and pardon my scoring, I am working on it!  I am missing the crumb though.  my sponge sat for about 4hrs till doubled.  kneading by hand till dough was starting to get a little stiff, then formed and left overnight, 12 hrs, in a bowl. it had doubled in size.  then baked at about 400F for almost 40 minutes. I did get a bit of deflation when turning the ball out of the bowl.  any tips are very much appreciated!