Recipes without Machines?

Constance Horne

I made my first sourdough using a San Francisco starter. I cut the recipe down to make it fit my mixing pan but it called for a mixer with a dough hook. I don't have one of those but I figured it couldn't be that hard to do it manually. Boy! Was I wrong! I followed the portions and all I got was a gloopy mess. I added as much flour as I could stir in but it was still REALLY WET and gloppy.


I almost tossed it out at that point. But put it in my oven with the light on and some hot water in a Pyrex cup to rise overnight. It really looked interesting in the morning, like it was boiling... We added even more flour and it was still terribly wet. Let it rise another 2 hours. There was NO WAY to kneed it -- way too wet.


My husband cooked the two resulting loaves, one at a time. They were kind of flat-ish but turned out very tasty.


Why was it so wet?


Or maybe I need a recipe that doesn't use a machine? Where can I find a recipe like that?

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farinam 2012 March 31

Hello Constance,

You can't go far wrong if you follow the recipes and procedures that are given in SourDom's beginners blogs on this site.  Once you have practiced that until you have mastered it, there are heaps of other recipes on the site to tantalise your mind and taste-buds.

Can't say why your dough was so wet without some actual quantities of starter (including hydration thereof), flour (including type) and water.

Let us know how you go.


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