Re: Whole Wheat Injera

You are right Injera/Enjera can be made from various types of fermented flour (the South Indian Dosa is even made from lentil flour - I think). Barley Enjera works also but it brakes very easily (and not many uniform "eyes") when you try to roll with it a nice bite (gursha) with the stewed meats or vegetables (wat).


If it can be done, nothing beats pure Teff Enjera: nutrition, gluten free, pliability, etc. But the production of pure Teff Enjera has its challenges (baking process and equipment). I have attached a picture of pure Teff Enjera (with near-perfect "eyes") that's currently sold in San Jose and Oakland by a business collaborator (supply him with Teff).

I'm a supplier of regular Teff flour and also in the process of cleaning about 400 lbs of certified organic teff that we grew on a trial farm in San Juan Bautista. We believe Teff can be both local and sustainable.