Re: Sourdough hot cross buns

I used Sourdom's recipe with a few amendments and seeing's I have only just started with Sourdough starter in the past week I am very pleased indeed!!!

I made these today with a few changes, my starter was strong white bread flour although I switched to feeding it Organic Rye flour and it exploded to life. I used 60g of this with the milk sponge mixture, infused the butter with cardomon pods and orange zest, left them to rise at room temperature for an additional 4 hours after overnight in the fridge and tried adding boiling water to the oven to make steam to see if it improved the rise, they did rise a lot further in the oven. I also infused the fruit in a drop of whiskey and Amaretto overnight, this is well worth it as the fruit was plump and so tasty.. the shaping could be improved and a smaller tin so they join together!

Of course one had to quality control test them, and they were the most moist, delicious Hot Cross Buns I've tasted!

Will be keeping this recipe and continuing the Sourdough experiments, Thanks Dom and all on this thread Happy Easter!