Re: Brioche

 Must be that the time of year. I have been playing with Brioche too! 
I have tried a gluten free version. Similar quantities to yours Graham, except the butter, I used only about half the amount. I'll use more next time. I also slightly overcooked them: it wasn't obvious until they were cold, they were just too dry. Next time a little less liquid and less time in the oven, I reckon 12-15 miuntes for small brioche. (I used a large muffin pan - 6 x muffins). 


Next time I'll work at final kneading ans shaping so the crumb texture is more like the 'real' brioche.


While they were still warm, however, they were another reason to believe that it is possible to bake wonderful gluten free breads without gum and without any other exotic ingredients!