Raw milk

New to this forum and baking with fresh ground flour and sourdough. We have lots of raw milk and maple syrup and would like to substitute these for water and sugar. Any advise, experience with this?



I'm not sure about milk, but I have used whey instead of water in my sourdough when I have it left over from my cheesemaking. It worked out just the same as usual - maybe slightly more moist. 


Have you tried this yet? I would love to hear your results.

I have followed a few recipes that include milk but water is also added. I don't see why you couldn't just use milk. It should make a softer bread.

Yes you can use maple syrup in place of sugar just don't add as much. I found a link that should help.



Good luck!

I'm new to sourdough, but have used milk in exchange for water in recipes, and sometimes even used half milk, half yogurt as liquid. It seems just fine. I also have homemade maple syrup, and we use it for baking EVERYTHING. Great stuff!

milk and whey is fine 100% BUT not the syrup, or have you already done that? if not begin with only a couple oz. per loaf.


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As long it is clean it is safe for the making bread as water and sugar. Raw milk is good same with coconut milk...




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it seems maple syrup is about 67% sugar (so about 33% water)


You would need to adjust the recipe.


Typically most bread has very little sugar in it.


If you wanted to make a sweet yeast (bun) 20% would be a starting point.


Eg 200g maple sysrup for 1 Kg flour you would need to reduce the water by 60g


What fruit or spices would compliment maple syrup I don't know.


How predominate the “maple” flavour would be I don't know.


High sugar content tends to inhibit yeast activity so use extra starter or be prepared for a slower fermentation.


A scroll (London) style bun may also be interesting.


Eventually there is only one way to see what happens.