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Nice site - I've dipped in a few times over the years, mainly thinking why is my sourdough always a bit disappointing.  For some reason, experience perhaps or (maybe reading the recipes properly) my bread disappoints no longer and I'm getting great results (in my own terms at least) that my family loves. 

So to business - I started a rye starter and am wondering what to do with it? Can I just use it like my wheat starter? I like a tang of rye in my bread but I'm not in a massive rush to make a 100% rye bread (I lived in Russia for a while and kind of had my fill there). I'm thinking more of that German bread you get over there at breakfast,  some kind of wheat/rye hybrid.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.





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farinam 2013 November 4

Hi Azazello,

You could use your starter pretty much any way you like though the timelines might vary a bit if the culture is a lot different.

if you do a search on the site for Pumpernickel, you will find a number of discussions and recipes for rye breads of various styles.  other searches might turn up more info.

Good luck with your projects.


Emma 2013 November 8

Hi Asazello,

I have a rye starter and use it with white and wholemeal spelt flour and I'm happy with my bread. 200g starter (150g water and 100g rye), 500g water, 400g white spelt and 400g wholemeal spelt.




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108 breads 2013 November 9

I use a few different types of flours to feed my starter, one at a time depending on mood and what I have on hand. I think a starter with a different flour than the one you are using in a dough can add just a touch of a different taste. Anyway, you are not investing too much time if you play around this way with a few breads. Have fun and happy baking.

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