Pumpernickel Bread


I'm new to this forum.  I am a young baker with a small bakery.  Recently, I was asked to make pumpernickel bread.  But I cannot figure out how to make it without coffee and cocoa powder.  I want to learn how to make it like they do in Europe.

I would appreciate any help or advice,




Their is a great recipe in Bread by Jeffrey Hammelman. I think it's called Horst Black bread or pumpernickle. My book is at the bakery so I am not sure. But anyhow a great recipe and from what I can remember on top of my head it doesn't include coffee or cocao but uses old wholewheat bread toasted. Which is great as you can recyle left over bread.  

Thank you for your help... I appraciate it!

Check out my post in this recipe regarding pumpernickel bread made the "real" way. 


Scroll down a little, I explain how to make a very nice, dark, rich tasting pumpernickel loaf :) good luck!