pastry blog

Found this really good pastry/bread blog.  Just thought I'd pass it on.  Brutal with dial up.


Looks pretty informative and with a good amount of pics too, thanks Tony.

It's bookmarked. TP

Check out his French Toast Blog and how he makes pie crust... Mmmm!   I was going to try it back in September before we had the big storm, that reminds me to get back to it!


You really are what you eat, so eat wisely...

I've just had the chance to go over, or rather, chuckle through, his blog more thoroughly. He's really funny (honestly!). I love his style. I must make something from there tomorrow. His blog is making me wanna do it.


They were great!  Thanks for the link, Tony!


Tried the sticky buns fron Joepastry.  I leavenized the recipe and made a few other changes.  Sweet dough is my weakness.  Here's a photo:

It's a crime to post a glorious sight like that and not share in the eating of it.

C...amazing how you manage to fit things in even when you're so busy.