Ovens and Work experience

Hi there

I was wondering if anyone can give me advice about bakers ovens?

Is it worth getting a combi so I can prove bread instead of a bakers oven

I am setting up a cafe and want to produce pastries ,

There is little space so I thought a combi may be good so I can prove stuff, steam  bake and also use the steamer for cafe stuff.


i also would like some work experience

I am 37 and have been a chef for 20 years.


Thanks Gavin


 Where are you



Hi Thanks for the reply.

I am in Melbourne.

Would be happy to travel over 1 hour.

live at seddon.


Thanks gavin,



Hi all,


     I am a chef who would like some work experience in a bakery in Melbourne.

I live in Seddon but would be happy to travel.

If interested  please contact me at oztravel69@gmail.com


thanks gavin.