now I'm getting somewhere...

now I'm getting I'm getting somewhere...

Finally, a loaf I'm halfway proud of....


The crumb of the most recent loaves wasnt' quite as open as the slightly messy ones of the other day (photo below). But all in all I'm pretty pleased.

Not only does it look good, tastes good, too.


Hi Wishfish, that looks realy great. How big is the loaf? and what did you do to make it?




Hi Broodt,

The recipe is more or less the Norwich Sourdough recipe from the Wild Yeast blog:

The loaves weighed about 450 grams each.


Well done wishfish.

Onwards and upwards.


Hi  Wishfish,

Your loaves looks great, I have just joined and hope to make the same good looking loaves without any hassles.

I am hoping to be a great sourdough baker.  At the mement i have a white ands also a rye culture going.




Hi Jan,

Welcome! I'm sure you will be a great sourdough baker. It's not really difficult but there are a lot of variables to contend with which can take a while ot get a feel for.

Farinam - thanks for ongoing support and encouragement :-) 

Happy baking to all!