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Newbie here and a,perhaps,stupid question... | Sourdough Companion

Newbie here and a,perhaps,stupid question...

Well,not a complete sourdough newbie though.I created my starter about 6 months ago and the first attempt to create a starter was successful so it was great fun from the start!English is not my first language so now I´m up for the next challenge,to bake from recipes not in my language;-),there are some  baking terms I had had to learn in english,other than that I think it will be fun!Now I´m just wondering how you create a gallery,I find no feature in my account settings for this...maybe I´m blind but a hint would be greatly appreciated!:-)

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Just create a new post and use the 'Photo' upload field at the bottom of the text editor to upload a few photos.

Or you may create a personal album in the Gallery.