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New to creating my own starter, read up on it, I have a few questions becase ahh, mine is acting different. I started with pack of yeast, 2 c flour 2 c warm water in mason jar. The mixture was runny (milky) and came up to 5 level on the jar Woke up the next morning an those little buggers were working!.  A thick barely pourable mixture jam packed with air. I remove 2 c of mixture and added 1/2 water 1/4 flour, and the mixture was runny again,(volume was level 4 on the jar).  That evening there was no increase in volume but a 1/4 of it was "hooch water" and when mixed bac into the mixture was runny again, I added 1/2 water 1/4 flour to volume 5 level on the jar. This moring it was half and half "hooch water" vs mixture. I remove a 1/2 c of mixture and added 1/2 c water 1/2 flour to volume level 5 on the jar.


Questions is the normal? I am concerned that the volume it not increased since the first evening.


Thanks Doug

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