My young starter


 Well, i've started a new .. .STARTER! I just love 'his' (yep, i treat it like a person, i just love it!) development stage.

We are in the 6th day, and he is overflowing, large bubbles, etc! My heart breaks when i need to throw a part of him, and my question is : CAN I USE HIM FOR BAKING? If yes, what result should i expect?

Thanks again! And hello all!

P.S. Can i feed my starter with a '00' type flower? 8.4 proteins, 74 carbs, i think is bleached :-s... the cheapest one from the local hypermarket. If not, which is the best flower for feeding? I live in Italy.


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Karniecoops 2010 October 17

You could try making a loaf, but he's probably not strong enough - nothing to lose by trying!  Pancakes are always good with spare starter!

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