My first masterpiece!

Since my concerns this morning (see previous post), I took to baking 'with gay abandon' or 'what the heck in modern language.  

After cutting while still a bit warm the family have hailed me as a marvel (yeah well I need that encouragement sometimes!), and it tastes really nice.  I then said that 'no commercial bread will enter this home again!'  Hope I can live up to my own expectation.




Congratulations floreal!

Making your own sourdough bread does spoil you on the idea of eating commercial bread ever again.

Why pay for flavorless bread when you can make something with real flavor yorself! :)



Yes, I agree.  

Well worth it when the whole loaf was devoured within the first hour of cutting the first slice.

Thanks for your reply yesterday as it prompted me to just give it a go.

Have a good day.