multiseed bread with chia?


 Hi All,

I've been quite successful in baking my first sourdough breads using Dan Lepard's instructions and I'm very keen to try out a bread that is jam packed with seeds and chia.  I have chia, poppy seed, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and I think i have pumkin seeds too.  Does anyone know of a good recipe that I can follow that is "newbie friendly"?  I also have purchased some spelt flour today, would be nice to use that as well.


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kflynn59 2012 January 19

I would try Dan's sunflower bread - absolutley packed with  sunflower seeds, it is quite an expensive loaf to make but I sliced it and put it in the freezer, toasting the odd slice every now and then for a delicious treat. The recipe is in his book The handmade loaf. If you are a newbie you may want to look up Tartine - the book, named after the bakery in San Francisco where the book's author Chad Robertson bakes. The explanations of each stage of bread-baking are very useful and have helped me recently - I am still a relative newbie myself! In Tartine, once you've mastered the country bread, you can just add nuts / seeds / olives / herbs / oils / on my list too, good luck

margie 2012 January 19


I just made Shao Ping's chia bread, with lots of sesame seeds added.

Fantastic! I was told it was the best so far.

dorisw 2012 January 22

Hi, I use all the seeds you mentioned in my spelt/ kamut/ rye sourdough bread. I'd suggest that you get comfortable first with a basic recipe, then slowly start adding seeds. 

I usually soak 1 cup of a mix of sunflower and pumpkin seeds over night in water, and add the seeds to my sourdough ( good for two loaves) the next day . Sometimes I also add gia seeds as they add nutrients and moisture to the bread, very nice ! Mix 2--3 TBS gia seeds with 4 times the amount of water, stir and let sit. for abt 1/2 hour. before mixing into the dough, again this is for 2 loaves of bread. Best make only one addition at a time, see how it works for you.



LeckerBrot 2012 January 23

Thanks for the great replies!


Is it possible to do the same technique where you put the dough in the fridge overnight with seeds?  I read somewhere that the seeds "pop" the bubbles.



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