Mid-life crisis advice

So I've come to the conclusion that my life in IT cant be done any longer, I really want to explore owning a bakery in a few years. My question is where to start? I bake at home as an absolute beginner - should I try for qualifications, or persue some work experience in an artisan bakery? I've got a full time job and a family so I cant jack it all in and start over, but woul dhappilt put in hours for free at the weekends/evenings. Any advice would be much appreciated.




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My first caution is about small business, maybe this is just teaching grandma to suck eggs and you are running a small IT business but it has to be said. Generally you have to work a heap harder with much less flexibility than on a salary - sick pay, ha; holidays, ha; public holidays, ha. Small bakeries are in a particularly hard subset. If you as the baker do not get up and make the bread the business cannot operate.


Beyond that general warning it all comes down to particulars: Location, capital, customer base, skills, etc etc... While this suggestion is heretical to this forum there are now plenty of people who have signed up for franchise white death business and done well for themselves. I was in Boorowa NSW yesterday and the new pie/pasty/coffee bakery that has opened to cater for hi-way trade is run by the local real-estate agent. He appears to be making money and not having many problems beyond staffing, and all the other standard ones that come with running a business. You could buy it from him and have a complete "tree change."


Two truisms from my extended family's accumulated knowledge:


"Business is Trouble."


"A lifestyle business will never provide enough money to support the intended lifestyle."