Mature age Learner

Stumbled across this site whilst trying to find somewhere I can learn real bread making. 
I'm currently a Retail Manager,(North Melbourne) been in the same job for over 11 yrs, prior to that I worked in almost everything from Pastry, Timber, to Circus. Now I'm in the position where I know I don't want to do this anymore.  I would now like to learn to be a real baker, not commercial. My wife is in the final months of her Mature age Apprenticeship as a Chef. When she finish's her training & is guaranteed continual employment - it will be my turn. Been looking at TAFE's, nothing in full time block training, I have 3 months of normal leave avail, (plus long service 8 wks) so was thinking of getting some real experience, then a 'Mature Age Apprenticeship" 
Is there anyone out there interested ? or can suggest a way for me to get started ? thanks