maintaing a kinda old starter


I work in a kitchen and one of my responsibilitys are to maintain the house bread (bread to be served to customers). ive been quite happy how ive been treating the starter and rolling out baguettes daily but im kinda concerned with how the starters been treated and how all the loafs are turning out .it has been abused quite a buit. not me personally but in the past and im not sure how it was dealt with then. the starter itself is about 9 years old now. the recipe weve been useing seems legit but idk if its completely fine or not. here are the directions to how i feed the starter and and proofing.




2 pounds from starter

2 pounds of gluten free flour

5 tbsp of dry active yeast

stir in massive mixer for 5 mins and let sit for 45 mins or so


add 3.57 of gluten free flour and 5 tbsp of salt

let proof overnight


starter feed


3 cups of gluten free flour

1tbsp of yeast

1tbsp of suger

3 cups of luke warm water


rolled out onto bread trays

eggwash the tops

salt and sesame seeds

into the oven at 375 for about 30 mins







please help me if anythings wrong! i have alot of interest in it and i am pursuing into a culinary career this fall. this might be something id like to do in the future and id love to be able to expand my knowledge in the world of bread!

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