looking for a position as baker in Australia

Dear fellow bakers,

I´m looking for a position as a baker in Australia.I am 35yo and I have serbian citizenship but I live and work in Germany.For couple of years I worked as a baker in Serbia and in last 4 years I`ve runned my own small bakery,until I got married last year,then I closed my small business and settled here in Germany(my wife is German).During late economy crisis here in Germany I am forced to work now in McDonalds because there isnt many offers for a baker in a city where I live.My wife lived one year in Australia and she is amazed with people,culture and land itself so we decided to remove there.But first we want to find at least one job position.

So,if you can instruct me or to offer me some job as a baker,I`ll be glad to send my resume and CV,diplomas and references to you...if its needed I will also make recognition of my diploma at Trade Chamber.I am pretty good in making pastry,french and danish as well,rolls,breads,cocktail pastry,croissants,pizzas and cocktail pizzas,pancakes,sandwiches.



We are always interested in hearing from bakers with an artisan background.  We are based in the beautiful city if Perth in Western Australia.  we specialise in the large scale production of genunine sourdough and other artisan breads

Dear Sir,I checked on Google about bakeries in Perth and I would like to ask shall I send my CV to New Norcia Bakeries?Can You be so kind to inform me what kind of pastries are on demand in Australia.Thank You...


Still looking.
You might like to try


they have a forum about moving here etc.

Good luck

Thank you for a link...sure I do!Cheers!


What is your current situation?

Do you still want to live and work in Australia?

Please let me know.



John Carpinelli