Looking for a new start

Hey Everybody! First timer here... :-)

I'm actually a 27 year old lawyer who just realized that he doesn't intend to spend his life fightin other people's battles. Baking has always been a hobby, called on as often as possible on weekends and holidays, but now I'm looking to make a living doing something i love. I've quit my job(because, lets face it, I'll never make the jump if I don't light a fire under my own ass) and I've applied and got into the cert III baking programme the TAFE at Bentley, Perth. Are there any other ways to get into the industry? Someday I hope to own n operate my own Artisan bakery.I have my basics pretty solid, but absolutely no professional experience, or formal qualifications. I'm not too interested in the pastry part of it, but I live for that deep hollow resonance you get tapping on a big ol' loaf you've shaped with you own two hands. But I digress... :-) I was looking at apprenticeships and such, but have no real knowledge of how it would work. The TAFE course is quite expensive, with the exchange rate in India and all, as I've also got to support my folksand if I could earn a proper living and make my bones at the same time that would be awesome.

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Hi Bear and all,

I'm in the same boat.  Loads of passion, hundreds of loaves behind me, and wondering how to best go professional.  I too have life expenses and would rather apprentice than go to school, but I'm looking for some advice.  

Sounds like lots of people are starting Community Supported Bakeries or baking sourdoughs from home without qualifications.  Anyone able to share their thoughts on how critical proper school training is compared to just finding a bakery that will take one on as an apprentice???