Looking for an assistant head baker/ baker position in Australia

Dear all,

I am seeking a baking job in Australia, primarily Sydney but  I am open to other areas of Australia aswell.
I am a 24 year old, 7 year retail experienced assistant head baker will to learn more. Baking is my passion and I want to explore every aspect of this lost art, and i hear Australia in the place to do this.
I currently have a 417 holiday working visa and coming over to australia at the end of this year, I would like to find a baking job before I come over, preferable in an artisan bakery but I'm open to all sides of the industry. Also i am open to a 457 Skilled person sponsorship visa if the employer thinks I have what it takes and is willing to take the chance with me.
Here's a little about myself and what I do. I have gained my 7 years experience through the retail company Sainsburys, i have be on a number of courses throughout the years which includes a bakery college and health and safety training. 
As the assistant manager, I help run the bakery on a day to day basis, check for quality in products, make sure everyone is following health and safety rules and that the correct production is being produced.
I am trained on a number of machines I.e BDM, roll plant, bread plant, mixers, deck and revent ovens.
I make several different types of loafs and rolls everyday and also very experienced in handcrafted bread.
I make sourdough and artisan bread at home, but i am willing and wanting to learn about this side of baking.
I'd be happy to email my C.V and job references from my managers to anyone that is interested in me.
I can be contacted on jack.crouch@hotmail.com
Kind regards
Jack Crouch

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Hi Jack,

Welcome to the forum and (hopefully) Australia. Please take a look at our sister site, BakerTrade. If you enter your details, the site will make this information available to employers. There are also some existing jobs on the site which may be of interest to you.