looking for commis baker position in australia


i want to migrate to australia looking for commis baker position to support my living there. I have 1 year experiance and i'm willing to learn since i was new in bakery. I used to work 12 hours per day in my current workplace and i expect it would be more rough working in overseas. I have already prepared, and i like to take the challenge. I always have a positive mind and always organize things that would make me succeed in reaching my goals. Right now my ultimate goal is to work in Australia and i'm very positive i will make it because i a objective oriented.

My Strength:

1. Goals oriented: I always focus on achieving objective and goals, knowing what is necessary, what is not and  making a clear plan to achieve it.

2. Attitude: I have right attitude required to work in kitchen or bakery since i started my carrer in a tough 5 star kitchen enviroment.

3. Learning Experiance & attitude" The reason i want to work in food industry is i always learn something new everyday and that makes me hunger for more knowledge

4. Team Oriented: I'm a teamplayer and i have learn much from my previous experiance in hot kitchen, either good or bad. To me, teamplayer is supporting each other in perfoming daily task to ensures whole operation running smoothly without any single mistake. Each members must know their duties and must take responsibility and always focus on objectives.


My Weakness :

1. Lack of experiance: I have only 1 year experiance in bakery and i would be happy to learn in order to accomplish my duties efficiently

2. Education Level : did not have any formal qualification in culinary or bakery but it did not stop me to pursue my dreams


I'm from malaysia and i would be happy if any of australian employers willing to sponsor my visa.

you can contact me at apprenticebaker82@gmail.com

azrin awang ali