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My name is Billy.

I want to know what's the probability to find job in Australia in bakery.I'am 26 years old and i've work 3 years here in Greece in a big company of Katselis witch is part of Nutriart.The first 2 me and my brother kostas ,we make many types of breads,nearly 10.000 every day!The last year,as the product line of bread is closed,we make beadsticks just the two of us!

We think seriously the fact to move to aystralia for job and we need to know the chances to do what we realy like for future job.

thanks for your time

Best Regards


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Hi Billy,


I used to work as a Migration Agent so I know a little about this. This is possible but depends on many factors, not the least being having your qualifications recognised and having an acceptable standard of English. If you have any relatives living here that may assist you too.


You can find out more detailed information from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website found here.