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I'm new to the Sourdough Forum.  This just a note to let you know that when buying a food/dough mixer chose carefully.

My KitchenAid Artisan which is just 4 years old seized up while mincing some meat.  The mixer had very little done and it is this year I have tried out some baking using the mixer.

The problem was that when the mixer was being assembled there was no lubrication put on the shaft of the attachment gear.  The attachment gear dosen't run on bearings, it runs directly in the cast housing.  So, when the shaft wears so dose the housing of the mixer.

KitchenAide! never again.



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petanque 2013 April 28

sory to hear of your problems at trade school the lectures suggested that kitchen aid mixers have plastic gears and so are unsuable for dough mixing.


There are times a small sprial mixer seems atractive.

Gerald 2013 April 29

Thank you for your reply.

It appears that to cut corners HitchenAid do not use bearings at this point. When the attachment gear seizrd up, it seized up in the housing.  Which means that the housing of the mixer may well be gammaged.

When buying another mixerI am going to go for the Hobart N50. It isone of the best out there in food mixer world.

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