Kaya Recipe

[url=http://kuali.com/recipes/viewrecipe.asp?r=1211]Here you go, Carla[/url]. I've only tried making this a couple of times. It's so easy for us to get good homemade kaya here, most of us don't bother slaving over the stove to make it. The tinned ones are yucks.

I'll post a picture later. And 'kaya' means 'rich' in Malay.



Carla, pandan is the traditional flavouring. Do not use pandan essence...really nasty stuff. But you do need to use some kind of flavouring to mask the (possible) eggy smell. Since some people say pandan is close to the smell of vanilla, you could use that.

NB: Do not get any steam into the kaya, or it'll curdle and the kaya will not be smooth.

do you think I can make this without knotted pandan leaves??

Or are they more than just a flavouring ingredient?

What can I say? The dawk side was too strong.....

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Oh - thank you TP!
Must try that!

And especially for Croc you have changed your signature?
"May your doWgh always rise to the occasion!"





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This is pisang rastali...a very fragrant species, costs a mere A$1 for a kg. Are you going bananas now? My sympathies.

last time i checked it was around $14 a kilo


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omg banana !!!
hey TP what banana prices are like at your location?
after we had those cyclons couple of time this year and most nana plantations went to hell we see prices x10 of what it used to be

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One of the many ways to eat kaya (see pic). Spread a generous amount on bread. Add sliced bananas. Sprinkle with brown sugar. Grill for a few minutes. Yum!

A simpler way is just butter and kaya on bread. Steam for a few minutes.

Also delicious in sponge rolls.