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Hi all,


I got up this morning, my wife was already gone for work. I am a stay at home father for the next 18 weeks and have started making bread a few months ago. After a few failed attempts, things are starting to improve mostly thanks to advice from bloggers on this site.

Anyway, there sat, on the dining table an article about bread my better half left for me. One type of bread was highlighted: potato and rosemary bread. Maybe I didn't look long enough (I do have a 6 month old requiring most of my attention), I couldn't find a recipe here. Does anyone have one to share? I do remember reading an entry some time ago from a person talking about potato bread his/her granny use to make in Germany, her famous kartoffelbrot, which included the recipe, but couldn't find it anymore.


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Hello Olivier,

Perhaps you could combine these two recipes.  I think potato bread just substitutes some mashed potato for part of the flour.  There needs to be an adjustment to the water to allow for the moisture in the potato.

Good luck with your projects (and your baby-sitting).


thanks for those links. I didn't have the types of flour that was mentioned, but I will be getting them pretty soon. I postponing making this bread until I can follow a good combination of those recipes. today is just a rye bread. I haven't made one of those either, so will see how it goes.