International training and/or experience suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

I'm an Aussie expat currently living in London. I've been attending various local artisan bread making courses around the UK with the view of moving in a more professional direction. I'm ultimately looking to set up a bakery in Melbourne when I return.

Do any of you have experience, contacts or general knowledge of any schools and/or bakeries offering artisan bread making tuition in Europe, preferably France, Italy or Germany? I figure it'd be worth me making good of my current location to get as much international training in before I head back home sometime over the next 3-6 months. I've been scouring the web and these things are definitely hard to find!

If the best suggestion is to work in a bakery and anyone has a good contact for it, I'd be prepared to work free in exchange for knowledge.




Hi James, here's something.

Good Luck


Hi James,

When you get back to OZ, there may be an opportunity to get some experience in a new bakery in Tasmania. A skilled baker will manage the bake, and other bakers of various levels are welcome to join in and gain experience. Callington Mill Bakery, Oatlands, is due to open in January 2009. Please PM me if you are interested.

Hi James,


I was wondering if you eventually had training as a baker, I would be interested in your story, as I am looking also for a career change in that direction