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Help! What's wrong with my starter? | Sourdough Companion

Help! What's wrong with my starter?

Help! What's wrong with my starter?Help! What's wrong with my starter?

I was very busy these days that even I only could have my dinner in restaurants. I didn't refresh my starter and I found it looks like the photo below. Please help me to know what the yellow spots are on the picture, I guess they're groups of bacteria, good ones or bad ones? What's the name of the bacteria? My starter is still safe to use?





I found one the surface of the starter, it goes moldy, check out the photo below, it grows white fungus like mold. I wonder it's still safe to use? Or simply throw away the most part and add new flour? I care about bad food very much, and always throw away bad food even it's just a bit moldy. Is it safe to use moldy starter even I throw away the moldy part? I don't wanna get cancer. :(  Thanks for your great help in advance!!



Looks like some mold established itself in your culture. If it were me, I would throw out your starter and begin anew. It's so simple to start a new one that I wouldn't bother with trying to save the old one. Better safe,than sorry.

I have to agree! I would toss it and revive one of my backups or start over!

Thanks guys, I agree. I will make new starter right away!


Happy baking!