Good Food Guide

It would  be great for consumers and the baking industry, if in the next edition of the GOOD FOOD GUIDE,  the compositor's/editor's could include a special note in the bakery section, for those bakery's that bake REAL BREAD - Real Sourdough: water - flour - salt - levain.    

That would also be a great step forward for the traditional old style baker, baking loaves as they have been baked for 4000 years. 


My wife, who is a raw foodist, makes me traditional sourdough bread with bicarbonate of soda instead of yeast, and spelt flour instead of commercial run-of-the-mill soft flour. In the UK, we call this soda bread, and it's really good.

Yes, that is soda bread, but not sourdough.

However, I agree, it is really good!

Somebody should bring real bread to the attention of the publishers, rather than wait for them to stumble upon it. It is becoming a more important subject now that producers are beginning to fake it for reasons of jumping on the bandwagon. New real bread consumers should be encouraged by tasting the real thing rather than be discouraged by inferior industrial cons.

Any idea how to make contact?

JANNE APELGREN, Good Food Guide editor