Fresh bamboo

Has anybody of you cooked fresh bamboo yet?

Ours is shooting away now and since we had some terrible taste experiences last year I thought I better ask some experts:
[b]How long and how often (with water changes) do you have to boil fresh bamboo shoots (after peeling) before they are safe to eat AND good tasting?[/b]

Last year I did 3 water changes,
I boiled them 3 times for about 10 minutes each time, starting with cold water each time.
They were still not very edible.
The variety is Phyllostachis edulis - supposedly one of the best eating bamboos around.
The shoots are about 5 to 15cm in length.


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You don't want to know what sort of joke I was going to make about your bamboo!



Sorry ladies, [size=24]"OZ Fest"[/size] and Carla looks fab!, take a look at the ceviche on my site

some bread there too!


And over on this thread, we have [b]Oz Fest 2007[/b] vs [b]The Great International Sourdough Bake 2007[/b]...

And this is the result:

peeled bamboo ready for slicing



And this is what I cooked:


Furiously wiping my keyboard...

Woman. That looks positively delish! Bamboo shoots isn't in my list of veg but you've transformed it into such an inviting meal. Yum!

Be at the Great International Sourdough Bake 2007 (a very important event so named by Carol)! Want something from you in the menu.

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Aha !
So you shredded them finely and then only cooked them once.
And I cooked them 3 times and then shredded them and they were still tickling my throat!

With a bit of thought I could have come up with the same really! The bigger the surface the more they would leach of course.

Thanks chembake. Will try your method tomorrow!

I chopped tender shoots into shreds and dump them into boiling water with minimal stirring. When its soft its taken away from the liquid and drained.

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Love your picture jeremy.
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