French Trainee, got a project In Oz and/or NZ

Hi All,


let me introduce myself to this forum and its memebers.My Namein Aurelien, I'm French-italian, actually working in the finance industry. I'm beginning a professional conversion, entering (if there's a god) a really well known french bakery school in order to start from the beginning and learn basic in the "conventionnal" baking Art.


My aim is to learn with professionals,improve tradionnal baking and te sooner the better join local artisan to learn organic methods to bake like were baking our ancestors all aroudn he globe.


Why, starting by conventionnal baking? Because,i trully beleive in the fact that, if conventional does not recognize the benefits of organic baking and products, the the organic professionals should recogniez conventional part of this job.


That is to me the true face of organic philosophy and its aim,join present to tradtion in order to keep continuing to live safely and provide good products for us and our kids.


I'm really new, sodo not hesite to kick me out this forum, plus i'm an ugly frog, typing in Shakespear's thong,writting for englsih sepaking people about his point of view (now you can laugh at me).


I'm now close to be accepted to Gregoire Ferrandi's which is the school  was talking about, situated in my home-town, Paris.


A year after, let's wish,i'll get this french diploma and thsi completely new expermient of baking. This is within my work time, i'm still this bank employee, fully payed,school payedby the comapny, etc. Then,I'll have a year more to reamin in this company and will be granted of expetionnal authorization, (every six years si allowed to french workers) to leave the place for 12 months, not payed this time.


After it,i can join back, or resign my contract.


If i'm alive, healthy and trained,i hope to be in this partof the world( yours). Why?


I've been travelling arround several countries,for months or years, north america (Ny state, NJ state) studied there. others states during this year 2006.


Living in west Africa, Guinea, Congo, plus Angola. several months (3 or 4 in both). The same in Thailand and Singapore).


My lovely wife whom lived in OZ and NZ more tha n 5 years, tured back in France and took care of her family, now that both we have no more attachement to France, we're planning to come here over.


Me first for a tourist trip, her for good, plan that she has since years.

Any informations woudl be great fro any professionals, or straters about job offers, possibilites to learn with artisan in OZ or NZ. I have the crazy plan to create my own bakery one day, I don't knwo here, but since myvery  first days,iwas trying to bake and i'm still fondof it.


Do not hesitate to reply and i'll answer all your questions.


Trully yours,

Aurelien The migrant.


PS: to the webmaster, if this post is complety out of any topics,thanks anyway but i know you'll have to delete it. bye.