French Baker, sourdough/levain/traditional (4th generation) looking for work abroad

French Baker, sourdough/levain/traditional (4th generation) looking for work abroadFrench Baker, sourdough/levain/traditional (4th generation) looking for work abroadFrench Baker, sourdough/levain/traditional (4th generation) looking for work abroad

Hello to everybody,


Well first I must say I am happy I have found this site, I learn some very interesting things about bakery (and it is what I like we always can learn something). I have travelled the USA, australia and Canada few months ago and found some amazing micro bakeries. The flour, the levain and the ovens were better that in France in someplaces ( please don't tell my dad )


Anyway, I was wondering if there is many opportunities for a French baker (39yld) in North America or perhaps Australia? I come from the ALsace/Lorraine region but my wife is English. My speciality is wood burning ovens but i can work with electric/gas ovens, sourdough or poolish/yeasted bread, can teach classes/groups if needed and love viennoiseries.

But if it is look like ther many places where somebody who loves his job can be happy to work (i mean where quality is the first goal...), is there many jobs around? what is the average pay? etc...

I have the experience (CV and reference letter upon request) and i think no problem to obtain the visa and adapt


Well thank you to anybody who would like to give me some advices/info


Sincerely yours,


Floury handshake to you all


Hi Jean-Baptiste,

There is lots of work available in Australia for artisan bakers. Suggest you register on BakerTrade so that employers know about you.

Is there any particular environment that you enjoy living, city, mountains, coastal, etc? It sounds like you prefer to work in a smaller bakery rather than a large that correct?


Thanks for your reply to my post. I actually don't mind where I live in the moment there is a good community support and prospect for settling down quickly. I have experience in both type of bakery mainly due to the fact that bakeries are no longer just providing Breads but also breakfast, lunches and in some places evening meals. The more artisanal the better !

Happy Baking


Floury handshake to you all

San Diego has some artisan Bakeries. My absoulute favorite is Bread and Cie I worked there for a week and the routinely put out an amazing product. 

have you found work



if you are stilllooking for job contact me

may i have something suitable for a bakery opening on fiji island

Hello Jean

Piotr Parniak here.

I live in Toronto, Canada and I'm on my way to open a bakery with wood burning oven.

Are you still looking for a job?

Let me know


Thank you

we have a small bakery in combe martin  north devon, england we are looking for a french baker, was toms cakes now the village bakery - 



Please email me with your CV -


Best regards




Grainaissance Artisan Bakers

Perth, WA