Focaccia first timer........

Big Donnie Brasco

Not as "high" as I would like it to be, but it's VERY tasty!


Only the 2nd loaf of ANYTHING that I have ever baked!


Today was sourdough Focaccia, with fresh rosemary-olive oil, garlic chive infusion. Then before baking, topped with fresh chopped rosemary, garlic chives and Fleur de sel.
The olive oil made an amazing crust, the crumb inside is moist, and aromatic!
Gonna be AWESOME with a dipping oil or topped with some fresh tomato and basil!
All with my home grown sourdough starter that I made using yeast from the bottom of a bottle fermented beer!


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Midnite Baker 2011 August 22

That looks delicious!!   Never thought to add chives to focaccia bread.  Have enough garlic chives in my garden right now to last me all winter.  I have never froze them for later use tho, have you or  anyone tried freezing chives?  I have frozen fresh dill leaf for winter use.   Guess I'll have to try this with the chives.  Happy baking. M

sourdoughmama 2011 August 24

Freezing chives should work.  I sucessfully freeze what I call garden pesto.  I put in a mini food processor any herb I want chop up with a little salt, sometimes garlic.  Once it is well chopped  I add in olive oil.  Then freeze for a fresh garden taste all winter in sauces, soups, bread, salad dressing, etc.  Sorry but I don't have measurements.  A typical mmixture is chive, parsley, a little sage, a touch of lavendar, thyme, and recently adding lemon balm or even arugala. I also love to do a blossom pesto of all the herb blossoms I have to pinch back from my herbs. I love to make creamy blossom salad dressing or flavored butter with chive, thyme, sage, and basil blossoms. You wouldn't believe how peppery and floral and herby it is. Now I am getting hungry! Good thing I have sourdough herb bread for lunch.  Yesterday I had a tomato cheese sandwich on the bread with green tomato marmalade (made at end of season last year with unripe extra garden tpmatoes). :)

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