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Flat bread, rough and ready | Sourdough Companion

Flat bread, rough and ready

Hello bakers,

I have been using my unused leaven to make flat breads.   Slighly mad concoction but it seems too work.   400gms unbleached white, 50 gms semolina, a handful say 100gms of leaven 10 gms of salt.  Mix ingredients in large bowl, minus salt for around five mins.  Add salt, final mix 2 - 3 mins.  I often add more flour to get right consistency.  Mix into a ball, cover lightly with olive oil, let stand in mixing bolw covered with tea towel.  2 - 3 hours.   Then take around 130gms of dough, use a rolling pin on firm bench.  Roll into a circle.   Add loose flour to make dough easy to roll out.   Heat fry pan,  I use old cast iron number.  Add a good dash of olive oil as pan heats.  Medium high heat.  Fry bread both sides.  I add a dash of olive oil to both sides.  When finished I rub a litlle butter over the bread.  Slice up with pizza cutter.    Great for curries, pasta dishes, and they make a good wrap to take along to a footy game in cold Melbourne.  Cheers, Greg D.