First Ever Starter! Have I killed it?

Cam the Baker Man

 I have just started with making sourdough although I have been baking for a few years.

My starter is 100% Organic Rye with 150% hydration.  I'm trying to follow Yoke Mardewi's recipe for ciabatt.  My starter was looking great on day 2 and had almost doubled in size.  Now at day 5 it is looking very deflated with only a few bubbles on the side and none on top.  There is a strong sour smell but nothing too bad.

I have been feeding it each day with 75g Rye flour and 112g water.

Is this normal?  Am I feeding it correctly?

Any advice would be great.


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That is totally fine.  Most starters will get very frothy and then collapse in on themselves.  It sounds like you are ready to make bread.  Don't forget to keep some starter back and put it in the fridge until you are ready to refresh it and use it again.

Cam the Baker Man 2010 August 9

Thanks for the advice.  I let it go for another day wothout feeding it as it is so cold in Melbourne overnight.  Checked it the next day and there was mould on the top.  I've thrown it out and started a new batch last night.  Let's see how this one goes.

Cam the Baker Man 2010 August 9

Thanks for your advice.  I tried leaving it for a day to see what happened.  Ended up grouwing some mould so I threw it out.


I've now got a new starter going so hopefully that one will work.

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