Fire wont stay lit

Can't get a fire to stay going in my just completed oven.door opening is 9"x16" with front chimney. Paper lights right up and burns but wood will not stay lit. Tried different wood same thing. been burning in middle of oven should I start it more in the front under chimney opening? Any help would be great.


 Is the wood on a grate? Air circulation and try different heights for the fire too.  We built a brick oven and the 

only way to get the fire right was to have the fire elevated one brick, standing on end, under a grate.   This was a big outdoor oven, so I don't know about your new oven?

I built a cob oven similar to the one Kiko Denzer describes (12" door height, 16" oven height, 22.5" diameter, no chimney) and it lights great.  When you mention wood, what size wood are you talking about?  Do you live in a moist climate?  Is you wood well seasoned?

I responded to this question in the other thread and then remembered this useful link.


schmmd also raises pertinent points about using well seasoned wood. Did you follow a plan for this oven?