Drying a starter?

Hi! After 2 weeks my starter is very active and stable, so I want to make sure I make as many "backups" as possible. I currently keep one jar of starter in the pantry (which I feed daily) because I’m experimenting with new recipes every 2-3 days. And I keep 2 backups in the fridge, taken on a 4-5 days interval (I discard the older jar). When I’m more comfortable I’ll slow down the pace.

I’ve noticed that it’s easy to dry up some starter on a piece of parchment paper. I just spread some and wait for it to dry. I was wondering if I grind it and keep it in a pouch in the fridge, would it make a good "dry" backup?



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Hi Hugo,

Drying your starter does not kill the yeasts etc, they just lie dormant and will come back to life with water and food.  I don't think you have to pulverise it other than to break it into reasonable sized flakes.  I believe that it is not even necessary to refrigerate though that is likely to give a longer shelf life.

Good luck with your projects.