Dough sticking to bannetons


I used to make sourdough successfully years ago and always got lovely results. I always used a linen cloth and a colander to proof my loaves and this was great, but I had to give up bread making for a few years and on returning to it this year, I couldn't find my linen cloth, so decided to invest in some banetons.

they arrived in the post and after watching several videos online I gave them a go.

ive dusted them generously with flour - dough stuck and I had to just chuck it out as the loaf was a disaster on turning out.

ive dusted with semolina as I've seen that used a lot - same results as above

ive tried both flour and semolina - it still ststick

ive tried a wet dough and a dri dough and have given up.

the banetons came with liner and I've used those as well and the dough still sticks. I can't turn it out at all and just end up with a mess.

ive seen a few folk on here mentioning seasoning the baneton, but not elaborated about the process and I can't find any info on this on the site. Maybe that what I'm doing wrong.


can anyone advise?

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gongoozler 2014 March 2

I've had this problem with new bannetons. I now spray the banneton with a light coating of cooking oil before sprinkling with rice flour. This  method helps the flour to stick to the sides of the banneton and gives good release. After a bit the banneton seems to become sealed and sticking ceases to be a problem.


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