Crock pot

Hi I was wondering if there is an electric crock to maintain optimal storage temp? I live in a MH and any one with the experience knows maintaining constant temp is impossible. Any alternatives? Happy Thanksgiving  John

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Hi, Don't know if I can help much but will try.  First, want to make clear that MH stands for Motor Home. Right?

I don't know the temp that a crock pot uses, so I've got a couple other ideas.  Do you have a gas pilot light in your oven? If so, that may work to keep your SD warm.  Another, would be to use a heating pad set on low.  Or, try leaving your SD in the microwave - no drafts and it is insulated somewhat.  Try contacting the owner of Northwest, Teresa Greenway as I think she used to live in your state.  Good Luck and Happy Baking. M