Chef with Bread experience wanting to make the change to being a baker

Hi there folks,

Just thought id see if there was any group wisdom on my situation..


Im a Chef who trained as an adult and built up great skills in an award winning deli and restaurant.

I have had experience working with a sourdough baker in Victoria, working with her for a short term stint as an intern of sorts.

Im really keen to work in a wood fired sourdough bakery as a baker but my training is as a chef not a baker.

Im not sure how to make the transition. i dont want to re train i have done alot of studies in my life already and im sure with a bit of a push i could learn on the job. Plus i feel pretty confident that my skills with food and the strong regimented and often pressure driven environment of chefing would be transferable to working in a good bakery.

I dont want to do a formal apprenticeship, i want a job with bit of mentoring.

Is there anyone out there who has made a similar change from chefing to baking?

does anyone out there have any ideas how i could approach this or any ideas of bakeries who take on interns?

any help would be appreciated.



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If you want to be a baker go and learn to be a baker.


Cooking shows are a standing joke with bakers.


"I am so clever I got some meat and put it in a hot pan and now the meat has started to get warm."


all the ingredients are “beautiful” (perhaps there vocabulary is limited)


clearly NASA has lost a rocket scientist.


Bakers start with flour and end up with something that is nothing like flour.


the only question is pies, bread or croissants.


As a baker could I expect to walk into a commercial kitchen an be the head chef???


or am I likely to get the job of dish rat?