Cert 3 Retail Baking

I am just starting out in the industry; I will complete my cert 3 in retail baking at the end of November. So far I have tried contacting numerous bakeries trying to secure a job when my course is completed. Not one of them has gotten back to me. How is the cert 3 viewed within the industry? Should I not have bothered and just have tried to get an apprenticeship?  


Hi Gaynor.

It depends what part of the industry you are looking to get into, how motivated you are and what you learnt in the Cert3.

Some schools are not interested in teaching beyond what the bakery franchises want. But if you are interested in more than that then you just have to be persistent with employers and be prepared to train in new methods.

Also, do not expect much in return until you can offer something towards the bake...something that lightens the load for everyone else. This is particularly true with the smaller bakeries where there may only be one baker employed and training new bakers or assistants extends the baker's workload significantly.

Show that you are committed for the long term (6 months after training is absolute minimum!). You can register as a baker or assistant on BakerTrade.com to show employers that you are available.

I am doing the cert 3 also.

At adelade ar regency TAFE .

This got me a job in an artisan bakery.

I will suggest that just attending and passing is a waste of time.

You need to average 85% or better in all the topics to be considered worth employing.