Buckwheat malted grains

Can I sprout and roast buckwheat instead of barley to make some malted grains for adding to my flour?  Will this work the same, or should I just stop being a lazy toad and go and buy some barley to sprout?

KC :o)


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 I have used Buckwheat in bread and as I remember it really isn't a grain.  I'm thinking you will need to go get some barley.

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I would second that LD.

Who knows, it might just work, but buckwheat isn't a cereal, and even among cereals barley is notable for having a lot of the kind of enzyme action brewers and bakers need. Also, bear in mind that because buckwheat is so different, the enzymes which buckwheat produces to break down it's own storage starches for sprouting may not work very well on cereal starches.

A shopping I will go!

I found a brewers reference to malting buckwheat and using it to make a beer, so thought it might work in bread too.  But I'll just cook it and eat it instead!

Thanks guys :o)


Happiness is making bread!